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Early Bird: payment must be received by February 2, 2020

Regular: entries and payment
must be received by 9 PM on
March 1, 2020

Check-in: 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Judging starts promptly at 9 am

Open to the public from
9 am - 5 pm

Check-in: 8 am - 8:30 am

Judging starts promptly at 9 am

Open to the public from
9 am - 4 pm


Payment for online, faxed or phone entries must either be mailed or sent by PayPal within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to cancel entries for which payment has not yet been received.

If you plan to pay at the door, you should also plan to pay the $25 late fee!


The show is now closed to entries -- many thanks to all who entered!

Closing Dates - see blue box in left column

Payment for Email, Fax, or Internet entries must be mailed within 24 hours. Email money transfers and Paypal accepted at

Enter Early - we will close when our limit of 125 cats is reached. Do not be left out of the show!


The show will be held at Edmonton Oilfield Technical Society, 2104 – 156 Street SW, Edmonton AB  T6W 1A4.


The official show hotel is the Signature Sandman Edmonton South, 10111 Ellerslie Road SW, Edmonton, AB T6H 0J3, phone (780) 430-7263

Our show attendees are being offered a limited-time special rate - $109 plus tax for a single king or double queen room, based on double occupancy.
$15/night pet fee- 2 cat limit per room. To be eligible for this special rate, you must book by February 6, 2020. Please ask for the Hillbilly Cat Club room, block Ref 425256. 

This is a new hotel, so please be especially mindful, and clean up after your cats and cat litter!

NOTE: Please be aware that TICA Hotel Room Inspection Procedures will be strictly enforced.


For show hours and check-in times, see the box at left.

No exhibitors may enter the show hall before the posted check-in hours.

Cats not present by the start of judging will be marked absent.

All cats must be present during advertised show hours, unless granted special permission to leave by the show manager.


Edmonton International, Code: YEG; Sky Shuttle service to our hotel, $30 round trip (book at the same time), $18 one way. Note: Effective June 1, 2009, you need either a passport, passport card, enhanced driver's license or a trusted traveler card to return to the US from Canada. A valid rabies certificate is required for all cats entering Canada whether by land, air, or sea. Sky shuttle: 1st run @ 4:45 Am, last run @10:30 PM


Preliminary New Breeds (PNB), Advanced New Breeds (ANB) & New Traits (NT) -- Per TICA show rule, every PNB, ANB and NT entry must have a TICA registration number prior to entering any TICA show. No PNB, ANB and NT may enter a show with "registration pending". Any PNB, ANB and NT entries sent without a TICA registration number will be rejected.

For classes other than ANB/PNB/NT, registration with TICA is not necessary in order to compete in the cat's first show, but is required for the 2nd and consecutive shows and for confirmation of championships and TICA regional and international awards. However, for unregistered pedigreed entries, you will have to provide proof that the cat can be registered in TICA. Contact TICA for specific registration procedures.

Entries without a TICA number: Effective May 1, 2019, all pedigreed cats, kittens, and alters shown without a TICA number (e.g. with a "pending" registration) must provide proof that the cat can be TICA registered in order to enter a show. (This new rule does not apply to HHPs or HHP kittens.) Click here for more details.  

Show Cages

Per TICA rules, only two cats or four kittens per double cage.  A double cage is 21" tall, 21" deep, and 45" wide. Bring curtains, towels, or other material to cover the top, floor, sides, and back of the cage. 

Personal Cages

Your personal cage must fit our benching space. If your personal cage is longer than 45", you must purchase a groom space. See Summary Sheet. If your personal cage is deeper than 21", it can not be used. Please indicate on the Summary Sheet if you will be bringing your own cage(s).

Exhibition and For Sale

Exhibition/For Sale cages are available to 2 day exhibitors only *if space allows*. Exhibition/sale cages are limited 1 per exhibitor.

The catalogue will list the Exhibition and For Sale entries. You must complete an entry form for each kitten or cat for sale or on exhibition; per TICA rules, no cat or kitten will be allowed in the benching area if it is not listed in the catalogue. There will be absolutely no sales allowed from carriers. In order to be allowed in the show hall, kittens must be at least 3 calendar months of age; for Saturday, kittens must have been born on or before December 7, 2019, and for Sunday, born on or before December 7, 2019. These rules will be strictly enforced. Please be prepared to produce a copy of the litter registration.

Grooming Spaces

These spaces are the size of a double cage space 21" deep by 45" wide. Due to fire regulations, no personal grooming tables will be allowed. If you need a grooming space, you must purchase it. See Summary Sheet.

Household Pets

Household Pets over 8 months old must be altered (neutered or spayed). Household Pets from 4 to 8 months old are entered in the Household Pet Kitten class, and can be either altered or unaltered. Household pets need not be registered in order to compete. When entering a Household Pet, be sure to indicate the cat’s colour and pattern on the entry form. Please telephone the entry clerk if you have any questions.


This is a non-vetted show. Every cat that enters the show hall must conform to normally accepted health requirements and be up-to-date on its vaccinations. Front and back claws must be clipped. Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness or with parasites will be removed from the show hall. Cats from households with contagious or infectious illness within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry to this show. Cats entering Canada must have proof of current rabies vaccination.

Food and Litter

Cat litter will be provided. Please bring your own cat food, food dishes, and litter pans. You may bring your own (people) food.


One show catalogue is included free with your first entry. Additional catalogues are $15.00 each; you must order them on the Summary Sheet. Catalogs will not be available for sale in the show hall.

Ring Clerks

If you would like to clerk, please indicate this on the Summary Sheet. We particularly need head ring clerks. Clerks will receive lunch, plus $35 CDN for each full day of clerking. Clerks will be paid after clerking and after their ring cards have been checked, please do not deduct clerking fees from entry fees. Preference will be given those clerks in the TICA clerking program and those clerking 2 days. The club reserves the right to change the request.

Show Rules

All exhibitors agree to abide by and uphold the show rules of TICA. Show rules and registration information are available from TICA (The International Cat Association), PO Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551; phone (956) 428- 8046. You can also find the Show Rules on the TICA website —

Payment Form

All entries must be accompanied by a cheque or money order payable to HCC, email money transfer, or Paypal. If using Paypal please designate payment as a gift, rather then payment for services. No post-dated cheques. Please do not send cash through the mail. US exhibitors may pay in US or Canadian funds. Payment for Email, Fax, or Internet entries must be mailed within 24 hours.

Entry fees are payable even if cat is not benched. All fees not paid within 10 days of the close of the show, will be subject to disciplinary action. Returned cheques are assessed a $25 fee for each time returned plus any bank fees incurred by the club and must be paid prior to benching. Entry fees paid at the door will be assessed a $25 fee unless prior arrangements have been made with the entry clerk. No entry fees will be refunded, per TICA Show Rules.


Hillbilly Cat Club, The International Cat Association (TICA), Edmonton Oilfield Research Centre, and the Sandman Hotel will not be held liable for injury, loss or damage to cats, exhibitors, property of exhibitors, vendors or other such persons or property in attendance.

Other Useful Information

To compete, all kittens, including Household Pet Kittens, must be at least 4 calendar months of age (not 16 weeks). To be eligible to be shown on Saturday, kittens must have been born on or before November 7, 2019 and Sunday, on or before November 8, 2019.

Cats co-owned but living in different households are eligible for multi-cat discounts providing a copy of the TICA registration showing both owners accompanies the entry. If you enter via the online flyer either fax or mail a copy of the TICA registration to the entry clerk. Do not mail your original TICA registration form to the entry clerk.